✨🐦🤍CANADIAN BIRDS COLLECTION ❄️ Northen Cardinal Earrings ❄️

✨🐦🤍CANADIAN BIRDS COLLECTION ❄️ Northen Cardinal Earrings ❄️

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❤️🌟💫🐦The Northern Cardinal, also known simply as the cardinal, is a bird species native to North America. It is commonly found in Canada, the United States, and parts of Mexico. This bird holds ancestral symbolic significance in various Native American cultures, representing the connection between heaven and earth, as well as spiritual renewal. 🐦💫🌟❤️

💙In some ancestral traditions, the cardinal is associated with spiritual messages and good omens. Its striking bright red plumage makes it a powerful symbol.💙

❄️During winter, the Northern Cardinal is particularly meaningful because its color stands out against the snowy landscape, providing a vibrant touch in the gray months. Many people find comfort and joy in observing these birds during the winter season❄️

🌟❄️Choosing these beaded designs not only enhances your festive surroundings but also conveys positive and emotional messages through the cultural symbols associated with these charming birds. A perfect gift to brighten the holiday season! 🎄

Additionally, with 15% of the sales from this collection, we will contribute to a Quebec Bird Protection Association. 🤍



Handwoven, stitch by stitch, with waxed thread and glass.

Avoid contact with water, creams, or body oils, as well as bumps and friction with solid objects.

If you have any questions regarding color, size, or any aspect related to this item, feel free to contact us: arteawaska@gmail.com


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