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🦜🌞🌈 Double Multicolor Macaw Beaded Bracelet - Red 🦜🌞🌈

🦜🌞🌈 Double Multicolor Macaw Beaded Bracelet - Red 🦜🌞🌈

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🦜🌞🌈 A captivating homage to the majestic guacamayas that soar through the Colombian Amazon, symbolizing wisdom as they fly alongside the sun, the epitome of light and clarity. This exquisitely designed bracelet showcases the vibrant hues and striking patterns reminiscent of these iconic birds, capturing the essence of their spirited nature and profound significance in indigenous culture. With each intricately woven bead, the "Double Multicolor Macaw" Bracelet becomes a symbolic talisman, reminding wearers of the wisdom and illumination that come from embracing nature's harmony and beauty. Adorn your wrist with this vibrant tribute and soar alongside the wisdom of the guacamayas, embracing the colors of life's journey in all their multicolored splendor. 🦜🌞🌈


Handwoven, stitch by stitch, with waxed thread and glass.

Avoid contact with water, creams, or body oils, as well as bumps and friction with solid objects.

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