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🌊🌞🔥 Sun's Eye of God Beaded Bracelet

🌊🌞🔥 Sun's Eye of God Beaded Bracelet

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🌊🌞🔥 A captivating fusion of the sun's radiant colors and the serene blues of water, converging at its center. This artisanal masterpiece draws inspiration from the mesmerizing hues of the sun and the tranquil essence of water, creating a harmonious design that symbolizes the interplay between fire and water. The handmade "Eye of God" charm at the bracelet's core reflects the skillful craftsmanship and the mystical allure of ancient traditions. Embrace the enchanting contrast between the fiery passion of the sun and the soothing calm of water as you adorn your wrist with the "Sun's Eye of God" Bracelet, an emblem of balance and the perpetual dance between two elemental forces. 🌊🌞🔥


Handwoven, stitch by stitch, with waxed thread and glass.

Avoid contact with water, creams, or body oils, as well as bumps and friction with solid objects.

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