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🌈🦜🍃"Multicolor Macaw" Beaded Bracelet🌈🦜🍃

🌈🦜🍃"Multicolor Macaw" Beaded Bracelet🌈🦜🍃

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🌈🦜🍃A vibrant tribute to the majestic guacamayas that grace the Colombian Amazon, revered as symbols of wisdom for their association with the sun, the ultimate source of light and clarity. Inspired by these awe-inspiring birds, this exquisite bracelet showcases a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors that mirror the vivid plumage of the guacamayas, capturing their spirited nature and profound significance in indigenous culture. As you adorn your wrist with the "Multicolor Macaw" Bracelet, embrace the timeless wisdom of these magnificent creatures, and let the radiant hues serve as a reminder of the illuminating power of the sun and the inherent wisdom that shines within us all. Let this bracelet become a cherished emblem of the guacamayas' mystical flight alongside the sun, guiding you towards a deeper connection with nature and the wisdom it bestows. 🌈🦜🍃


Handwoven, stitch by stitch, with waxed thread and glass.

Avoid contact with water, creams, or body oils, as well as bumps and friction with solid objects.

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